Friday, March 30, 2018

CarGurus Now Lets Shoppers Search for Carsby Engine Sound

Shop by Engine Sounds

On April 1, CarGurus will officially “launch” REVolution, a one-of-its-kind sound-driven search engine that will give shoppers a new way to find their desired car. Inspired by childhood memories of making loud racing sounds with Matchbox cars, REVolution is a precise audio search tool that lets you “vroom, zoom and engine-roar” your way to the exact car that matches the sound you make.

REVolution is so specific that it can distinguish the subtle difference between the gentle hum of a Toyota Prius versus a Tesla Roadster or the powerful ignition of an F-150 compared to a Chevy Silverado.

How is this possible? We created a recording library of vehicle sounds from friends, families and employees. Then, our engineers leveraged modern neural network and machine learning algorithms, combined with patent pending quantum frequency splinter techniques, to generate these audio models with unheard of accuracy.

And if you can understand that last sentence, and also remember that we’re launching this on APRIL 1, then you probably know that this is a joke. Happy April Fools’ Day!

Recapture the sounds of your childhood and try REVolution today at:

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